Our sewing party package is perfect for children (ages 7+) and teenagers of all skill levels. Partygoers learn to use a sewing machine while they create their project. Our staff (who also teach our regular sewing classes/camps) will be here to help.   All parties take place in our school.  Our school can only accommodate up to 6 children/teens. Including birthday child/teen.  We host parties on Friday Evening starting at 6:30PM, Saturday and Sunday times start in the afternoon as early as 1:30PM last party time start time will be 6:30PM. 


Each party will be a minimum of  2 hours in length for a cost of $250.   For every 15 minutes over 2 hours the charge will be $25.00.  For Parents and FSS will discuss what project they want to create and we will give you a specific list of things to purchase.  Those items will need to be brought to FSS no later than 1 week prior to the party.   Please send us an email for more information: fairhopesewingschool@gmail.com