Why Children Need to Learn Sewing


 1.  Sewing teaches patience

If you sew, you understand this.  Sewing takes time, thought and often persistence.  So much goes into sewing and it can get overwhelming.  A child that learns to sew can learn to cope with frustrations and how to give themselves time to learn.


2.  Sewing teaches math concepts

When you sew, you do math.  How much fabric I'll need?  How to make this project fit within a certain space?  What size pattern will I need? Learn to take your body measurements. 


There is so much math in sewing but since we want a successful outcome, we do the math.  We aren't always successful in the final project.  BUT WE LEARN from our mistakes and next time we won't make that mistake.


3.  Sewing teaches motor skills.

I have found that boys and girls alike make great sewists because we both have different motor skills.  Many boys are naturally very good at machinery and catch on fast.  While girls tend to enjoy the creativity behind putting projects together.


No matter who is sewing, they will learn to use their hand-eye coordination.  They will hand sew.  They will cut and measure.  They will develop better motor skills.


4.  Sewing builds confidence.

A child that successfully (or even unsuccessfully) completes a sewing project learns to trust themselves.  Learns that they CAN do hard things.


The better we get at a skill, the more confidence we have in ourselves.  This confidence spills over to every area of our life. 


5.  Sewing instills creativity.

Try something new.  Be uniquely yourself.  Sewing allows children to express themselves and share who they are in their fabric choices, embellishments and ideas.